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Travel by train

This game is still in its prototype stage.

A fun way to learn a language!

Colloqwee is a board game that allows players to learn or practice Spanish.  

Suitable for 2-6 players.

Travel around the board to get to know a new Spanish city.

3 sets of rules depending on language level.

Earn rewards by completing tasks in Spanish including listening to and giving directions; asking and answering questions; vocabulary-learning; story-telling.

Use your rewards to climb the locations ladder. First player to reach 5 wins the game!


Help overcome fears of embarrassment when speaking in a foreign language.


Learn key phrases in Spanish for your next trip abroad to sunny Spain.


Revise for your Spanish tests in a fun and enjoyable way.

Complete Spanish beginner?

Practice speaking Spanish straight away with your own travel phrasebook full of useful expressions.

Learn new vocabulary (400+ words) without wading through long lists.

Put all of your new phrases and vocabulary together to have life-like interactions in Spanish!

Intermediate Spanish learner?

Combine the game content with your existing Spanish knowledge to further advance your skills.

Move away from basic phrases and start to enhance your Spanish.

Consolidate your conversation skills in Spanish by completing harder tasks.

Advanced Spanish pro?

Refine your Spanish vocabulary by using specific words and phrases.


Use advanced grammatical structures in a creative way.

Even challenge native Spanish speakers to complete complex tasks!

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